April 14, 2021

Contact: April Poley
[email protected]

Bouchard Tops Third of a Million Cash in Ten Weeks for Race Against Cheney

Wyoming Republican State Senator Anthony Bouchard hauled in MORE THAN A THIRD OF A MILLION DOLLARS in ten short weeks for his campaign against incumbent two-term House member Liz Cheney.

The Bouchard campaign will report receipts of $334,370 with $163,500 cash-on-hand as the campaign goes into the second quarter, including more than 8,000 individual donations from all 50 states.

Bouchard said his campaign expects to cross the $400,000 mark by the weekend.

“By investing early in fundraising, my team has developed a large donor base while maintaining a strong cash position going into the second quarter,” Bouchard said. “No other challenger has the massive grass-roots base we put together by announcing early and moving quickly, and no other candidate against Cheney has the strong six-figure cash-on-hand number we currently have.”

“Others considering this race should look at joining my campaign now rather than splitting the anti-Cheney vote — exactly what our enemies want,” Bouchard noted. “Right now there’s only one candidate against Cheney who is taking this campaign seriously and that’s me.”

“My finance team was able to do this while I was tied up with legislative business during the entire month of March fighting against Medicaid Expansion, tolls on I-80, new gasoline taxes and other liberal bills, and for photo ID for voting and expanded gun rights,” Bouchard said.

“Liz Cheney has everyone from Paul Ryan to John Boehner to Mitt Romney to every major lobbyist, politically correct woke corporate PAC and the rest of the anti-Trump Deep State DC Swamp in her corner, helping her raise millions,” Bouchard added. “I’m grateful for the thousands of patriotic Americans, including hundreds of my Wyoming neighbors, who are standing with me by giving of themselves so I can go to Congress and fight back against the Socialist Biden Democrats Liz Cheney enables with her obsessive hatred for President Trump.”

“It’s time for a change in Congress,” concluded Bouchard. “Time for a conservative change. Time to stand up against Socialism, not enable it.”