About Anthony Bouchard

State Senator Anthony Bouchard is the tough, dynamic and most of all—a proven conservative leader ready to stand up for America, defend our freedoms and always put taxpayers first.

Anthony Bouchard is running for Congress to stand up and defend our rights and our republic against angry Socialists and their allies in Big Tech, academia and the Fake News Media.

Our way of life is being threatened by the Socialist way of thinking. It’s time to confront, expose and defeat these radicals before they take away our freedoms and turn America into a weak European-style politically correct welfare state. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

Anthony Bouchard is an American entrepreneur who grew up in a blue-collar family with a strong work ethic. Anthony got his first weekend job at age 11 as an electrician’s helper and in his early twenties became a master automotive technician. Later in life a small businessman and he is the founder of Wyoming Gun Owners. Today, Anthony works with his wife of twenty-four years, Billie Jean, in the family septic cleaning business.

Tough, bold and principled, Bouchard first won his State Senate seat five years ago defeating a well-funded party-backed “moderate” in the primary and a swamp-backed challenger in the general. And last year Bouchard did it again, beating the Capitol insiders both in the primary and again in November.

Anthony Bouchard is a strong patriot and champion for our conservative values who stands up for what WE believe. He’s not timid or shy, and no one intimidates him.

A conservative state like Wyoming—which gave Donald Trump the nation’s largest percentage of the vote both times—should be electing one of the most conservative members of Congress. It’s time to stand up for America, defend our freedoms, fight for our way of life and always put taxpayers first. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

Anthony Bouchard is exactly what Wyoming, and America, needs in Congress today.