Where I Stand on the Issues…

I am running for Congress to defend our freedom against Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and their angry socialist allies in big-tech, academia and the fake news media.


It’s time to confront radical Socialism and defeat it, not pander to the politically correct Fake News Media elite. I will stand up to Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats and fight for Wyoming taxpayers.

Stop Radical Enviromentalists

I’ll be the aggressive bulldog Wyoming needs in Congress to take on and defeat extreme environmentalist ideologues who threaten America’s future and Wyoming’s oil, gas and coal industries.

Protect America Against the Illegal Alien Invasion

So-called ‘immigration reform’ giving amnesty, citizenship and welfare to illegal aliens puts Americans last. It’s time to put America FIRST and restore President Trump’s border security policies!

Fight the Cancel Culture

I’ve taken on the Fake News Media and Big Tech and won. Now I want to take that fight to Congress, before freedom is gone forever. Liz Cheney panders to this culture. I am running for Congress to stop it.

Defend our Conservative Values

I founded Wyoming Gun Owners to stand up, protect, defend and expand our Second Amendment rights and won again and again. I am solidly pro-life and will be a champion against the so-called “transgender rights” agenda that threatens women’s sports.

Put Taxpayers First

I have a proven record of exposing government scams, taking on the bureaucracy and aggressively fighting and winning for taxpayers. I’ve never voted for a tax increase because government has too much money, spends too much money and collects too much money.

Stand Up for America

I reject the failed pre-Trump foreign policy that made America the world’s policeman and drained trillions from U.S. Taxpayers for foreign aid to countries that hate us. It’s time to Stand Up for America and return to President Trump’s America First foreign policy.

Wyoming doesn’t need someone in Washington cooperating with the enemies of freedom as Liz Cheney does time and time again. It’s time to take ground back before we have none left and our America is gone, forever.

I know how to take these people on, to fight, and to win.

I stopped them in Cheyenne and I’ll stop them in Washington. That’s the difference between Liz Cheney and me. She is part of the system. I want to take it down. That’s why I’m running for Congress.