February 1, 2021

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Former “Moderate Republican” Ohio Governor John Kasich, who endorsed Joe Biden for President, lent his support to embattled Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney on CNN this weekend.

“I firmly believe that leaders like @Liz_Cheney who stand up and take the moral high ground will get re-elected for doing the right thing,” Kasich tweeted out after his interview.

The Kasich endorsement drew an immediate rebuke from Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard, challenging Cheney for the At-Large State Congressional seat.

“John Kasich betrayed Ohio Republicans by endorsing the ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion, just as he betrayed Republicans across America by endorsing Joe Biden,” Bouchard said. “It’s fitting that he would endorse Liz Cheney who betrayed Republicans by refusing to back ObamaCare repeal, endorsing a failed Deep State Globalist Foreign Policy and finally voting to impeach a president who is now a private citizen.”

Bouchard, who founded Wyoming Gun Owners, also blasted Kasich as an “anti-gun zealot” who tried to push Red Flag Gun Confiscation on Ohio.

“Fortunately, my friends at our sister organization Ohio Gun Owners were able to stop Kasich’s gun-control push, just as I stopped it here in Wyoming,” Bouchard pointed out.

“Kasich’s Cheney endorsement serves as proof that gun owners cannot trust Liz Cheney to stand up and fight when we need patriots in our corner the most,” Bouchard noted.

“Wyoming was President Trump’s best state not once, but twice. We want voices in Congress who will fight for the conservative Trump Agenda, not give aid and comfort to the Soros-Bloomberg Gun Control lobby and leftist Globalist Deep State Democrats whose see China as an ally and who always put America last,” Bouchard said.

“Liz Cheney’s impeachment vote showed everyone who she always was – a high-profile enabler of the leftist Deep State. That’s why the political glitterati – people like John Kasich – are so quick to rush to her defense,” Bouchard, a Laramie County Republican, added.

Bouchard is now in his second term in the Wyoming State Senate. He announced his candidacy for Congress against Cheney in late January and has now raised well over $120,000 in less than two weeks.