July 15, 2021

Contact: April Poley
[email protected]

Bouchard Tops 1,000 Wyoming Donors as Fundraising Investments Bring Total Raised to $543,800 with 13,000+ Total Contributions

Republican State Senator Anthony Bouchard’s latest fundraising report shows the conservative State Senator, leading in all polling over Liz Cheney, raised a total of $543,800 this year with more than 13,000 total contributions, including over 1,000 from within Wyoming.

The campaign raised a total of $209,635 this quarter and has $108,612 cash-on-hand. Bouchard explained the campaign made major investments in the past few months on expanding the state and national fundraising profile in light of Cheney’s removal as GOP Conference Chair and subsequent Pelosi-appointment to her January 6th committee.

“People across Wyoming, and across America, are fed up with Liz Cheney’s sanctimonious attitude towards the people of our state,” Bouchard said. “And every time she spits on us, I raise more money and my network gets even bigger.”

Bouchard explained that “we started running a real campaign on Day One and that’s why we’re so far ahead in the critical fundraising area and so far ahead in the polls – even beating Liz Cheney in a multi-candidate field.”

“I’ve made expanding my Wyoming donor base a top priority,” Bouchard said. “I believe Liz Cheney will drop out because she knows she cannot beat me, and I plan on being well positioned to stay in first place once she does in fact fold her embattled campaign for reelection.”

Bouchard said he is hoping to exceed a million dollars in total contributions before the end of the year and expand the donor base to 20,000, including 2,000 Wyomingites. “Conservative Wyoming voters need someone in Washington who will fight, obstruct, delay, block and defeat the Biden Agenda the way Pelosi and the Democrats fought President Trump,” Bouchard added. “I’m the only candidate in this race with a proven record of moving the ball for conservatives and stopping dangerous leftist ideas like Medicaid Expansion, Tolls on Wyoming Highways, higher Gasoline Taxes and a State Income Tax.