June 30, 2021

Contact: April Poley
[email protected]

Bouchard Demands Gray Disavow Lin Wood Endorsement

Republican State Senator Anthony Bouchard, running against incumbent Congresswoman Liz Cheney, today demanded one of his opponents disavow an endorsement from attorney Lin Wood, a fringe conspiracy theorist who urged Republicans to stay home and not vote in the crucial January Senate runoffs that led to Democrats taking over the Senate.

Wood has repeatedly endorsed Gray in social media posts, although most times he refers to him as “Chuck Clay.”

Bouchard said that Gray, in last place in a recent statewide poll of more than 600 likely primary voters, needs to disavow the Wood endorsement immediately.

“Lin Wood is a traitor who betrayed President Trump and the MAGA movement by telling Republicans not to vote in last January’s Georgia Runoff elections for U.S. Senate,” Bouchard said. “Thanks to Wood, Republican turnout plummeted while Democrats harvested mail in ballots electing Socialist Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock.

Ossoff, who was elected a six-year term, and Warnock, who won a special two-year term, gave Schumer the 50 votes he needed to take over the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties.”

“Lin Wood is a lifelong leftwing Democrat Trial Lawyer who gave money to and voted for Barack Obama, supported pro-abortion organizations and voted in Democratic Primaries as recently as 2018,” Bouchard noted.

“Thanks to Lin Wood, patriots are seeing Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi undo the Trump Agenda while Republicans can only stand by and watch,” Bouchard said. “Republicans need conservative fighters committed to undoing the Biden Agenda, not weak last place politicians like Chuck Gray desperate for attention any way they can get it.”

“Chuck needs to immediately disavow this endorsement,” Bouchard said.
“Thanks to Lin Wood, Joe Biden pushed through his leftist cabinet nominees and radical Covid bill that created a hiring crisis and gave away trillions in new welfare handouts, including more money for illegal aliens and foreign aid,” Bouchard said. “By accepting Wood’s endorsement, Chuck Gray is endorsing his traitorous actions that turned over the Senate to Chuck Schumer.”

Bouchard noted that “this crackpot called for arresting Georgia’s two Republican U.S. Senators ten days before a crucial runoff election that ultimately flipped Senate control.”

“Chuck needs to clarify whether he supports or opposes Wood’s toxic comments, because it’s pretty clear that Wood seems to believe that Chuck supports them,” Bouchard added.

Gray was also endorsed recently by disgraced former Clinton “strategist” and ex-political consultant Dick Morris, who famously predicted that Mitt Romney “would win in a landslide.”

Bouchard said that Wood and Morris were just two more out-of-staters in “an army of scammers, grifters, lowlifes and outright clowns all trying to score a fast buck in our state.”

“I’m not running for Congress to represent anyone but hard-working Wyoming taxpayers concerned about Joe Biden’s Socialist Open Borders Green New Deal America Last policies being implemented. That’s because Chuck Gray’s number one endorser, Lin Wood, put Chuck Schumer in charge of the U.S. Senate.”