April 23, 2021

Contact: April Poley
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Bouchard Demands Biden Fire Psaki Over Ohio Hero Cop Slander

Republican State Senator Anthony Bouchard, running against Liz Cheney for Congress in the primary election, today demanded the White House remove Press Secretary Jen Psaki from her job after slandering the “hero cop” who “saved lives” in Columbus, Ohio last week.

“Officer Nicholas Reardon is a hero cop who risked his life and saved lives. Jen Psaki believes justice would have been served if Officer Reardon let this violent street thug take the life of another, as long as the criminal’s life is spared,” Bouchard said.

In a Wednesday press briefing, Psaki blamed the shooting on “systemic racism” and said that “much needed reforms” are needed in response to the totally justified police shooting.

“Today’s Democrats want to federalize our local police departments to force leftist woke policies on them, because they believe that every cop is a criminal and all the sinners are saints,” Bouchard noted. “Evidenced in the gun control ramped up by Biden’s administration, it’s clear that they want to make you and I victims of street thugs.”

“How many more police officers will be shot and killed or wounded because of Psaki’s reckless rhetoric? How many more criminals will go free because police are afraid if they act they will be jailed? These comments are worse than anything President Trump was impeached over,” Bouchard added.

“Republicans need to be bold and take strong stands against the Biden-Harris war on America and our churches, small businesses, girls’ sports teams, local public schools and local police departments,” Bouchard noted. “They want to federalize everything, destroy local control and run America from inside the walls of the DC Deep State Swamp. Liz Cheney in enabling all of it. I won’t. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”